Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Good morning lovely friends - Kassa here Kassa Hayselden - the newbie on the block!!! 
Soooo happy to be here - tis my first post up over here as a dt guest member (sorry teamies for taking so, soooooo long to pop up here and thanks for your help along the way :-)))

Now I loooooves to dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that - but it usually veers towards the mixed-media/altered stuff.....and on that note....tah dah....

A zesty, springtime inspired chunky canvas, very mixed media.....hope you enjoy the colours and they give you all a springlike lift :-))))

Plus for all you craft-aholics out there go join in the new We love 2 create blog challenge 9 -anything-creative mixed-media goes! - I'm sure you've just created a little something or are about to - so why not go link it HERE at the bottom of the post - tis that simple and you could win a PanPastel goodie bag from our lovely sponsors over at Premium Craft Brands


So I started painting a sheet of dry-waxed deli paper, aqua, turquoise, lime.  When dry I haphazardly painted on lavender squares (approx 2" x 2")
When dry the doodle magic starts - this is the fun part and can let you drift off into a world of your own.....
Once all the painty and doodle bits are finished and totally dry I add the PanPastels, the shades I used were Bright-Yellow-GreenPermanent-GreenVioletHansa-Yellow - I apply them with the various Sofft tools, these are great as they don't leave defined edges of the pastels as you work and they have a fab selection of tools to work with - from the smallest of tools for the fine/fiddly bits to big tools to cover larger areas x  Once the PanPastels have worked their magic I carefully re-highlight doodles where necessary and then spray the whole sheet with a light coat of fixative spray
***(btw my doodle pens are water resistant because I use the fixative spray and I don't want them to 'bleed')

....SO, my daughter Chloe spied this mixed-media deli paper on my facebook page and asked if I could use it on a canvas (it was previously meant for another project lol)......

I coated a 8" x 8" canvas 1.5" deep
I gave the canvas a coat of white gesso on it's front and sides.
Then cut out a 8" x 8" square of my doodled deli paper, coated the backside of this and the front of the canvas with matt gel (coating both surfaces with the matt gel glue stops the air bubbles appearing)

I always add a little extra detail, so always make sure I have a little extra doodle paper left, I adhered strips down the sides (even managed to line up the pattern hahaha :-))) the other sides I simply covered with the painted deli paper minus the doodles (makes for a more interesting look and allows the eyes a little rest from the doodle fest)
I also got out my Singer sewing machine and sewed around 3 panels of the doodle squares which I had previously adhered with the matt gel onto card stock and let dry...
I then adhered the 3 sewed squares to the canvas with a 1/4" layer of Light-Modelling-Paste (for a 3d effect)

 Voila - my Chloe loooooves her canvas - phew!!!

Tis a postcard from me to you with said deli paper doodles.....

 I just love sending and receiving hand-made postcards, something magical about it....especially when they've got the franked stamps on them eeeek!!!

I'll post anywhere in the world

simply just...
comment below with your name (so I can contact you if your the lucky winner)

AND use the word ''POSTCARD'' (so I know you would like to be in it to win it lol.......)
Off for a cuppa now...
Mwah xoxo
(have a beautiful day everyone :-)))


  1. I would love to add this POSTCARD to my Kassa Kollection! Lucky Chloe too, to have a mum so talented gifting her with the canvas.

  2. I really love this canvas! The dimension and colors are amazing! Thanks so much for leading to discover this blog and wonderfulness! The postcard is just too fun and is icing on the cake! Have a great day!~kim

  3. post card post card post card post card post card post card post card!!!!!

  4. Oooh how wonderful to be in with a chance to win a POSTCARD from you Karen, loving your deli paper ArT and i can see why your Daughter wanted this for her wall. Looks so 3D, absolutely love it.

    Mo :-) xxx

  5. OMGEEE!!! That is beautiful! Love the gorgeous lush colours and what an unusual way to use Pans. I need to find more tutorials so that I can push myself and my little PP skills. Thank you for sharing Karen

  6. Hello Kassa,
    This canvas is just beautiful, your doodling is just makes the piece sing along with the palette of warm friendly colours.It must look great on the wall, grids are always eyecatching.

  7. Fab! wonderful colours, I just love them, and of course your superb art work, love. Andreaxxx

  8. Oh Karen!! Stunning work!! And a beautiful POSTCARD!! hahaha love it! mo xxx

  9. I am loving this. The colours are amazing and the gorgeous dimension!
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  10. Wow this is amazing love the summery colours, doodling and all the textures. It is truly a work of art and you are one talented lady. Would love to be in a chance to win the postcard.
    Hugs Rizwana. Xx

  11. Woo hooo congratulations Karen , stunning project adore the colours and the added stitching...love! Oh postcard postcard postcard lol xxxxx

  12. Wow! Came from fb for better look. Had no idea the amount of texture & dimension you have created. Absolutely wonderful & the colours really are so gorgeous! I am a newbie both here & at fb group so will take me time to know all I need to. So far, so inspired! I would say the word to receive special but think regulars deserve more than I do. Hopefully next time. Luurvve mixed media so I already know this is a group for me! Tfs. C

  13. Karen I'm so sorry to be so late commenting on your wonderful creation. My daughter has been visiting from Canada so I'm just catching up.
    Your canvas and postcard are absolutely fantabulous - I adore your style xxxx


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